Your company is invited to participate in the BioMop Introductory Marketing Program. As a participating pest control operator, American Bio-Systems will provide you with the following sales tools:

  • BioMop Sales Flyers (view PDF) appropriate for mailing or distributing to your clients. An initial supply will be sent when you complete the enclosed Marketing Program Signup Form. Additional quantities can be obtained by contacting American Bio-Systems.
  • BioMop Dispensing Pumps (dispenses 1oz. per plunge) suitable for dispensing the product. These pumps will be supplied free of charge to participating pest control operators. An initial supply will be sent, and additional quantities can be obtained by contacting American Bio-Systems.
  • Listing of your company on American Bio-Systems' web site as a participating pest control operator.
  • Inclusion on American Bio-Systems participating PCO listing. Our customer service department uses this listing to refer individuals that inquire about the availability of American Bio-Systems products.

    To signup for this program, complete the following form and submit it.

BioMop Marketing Program Signup Form
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