Advanced Odor Eliminator and Deep Cleaner


OdorPro-Special is a technologically advanced odor controller and deep cleaner. OdorPro-Special is not a masking agent. It goes to the source of the odor and eliminates it. OdorPro-Special combines a novel chemical formulation for immediate odor control AND the long-lasting, deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology.

The combined effect makes OdorPro-o-Special an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly odor controller. OdorPro-Special will neutralize odor-causing chemicals such as amines, ammonia, mercaptans, and hydrogen sulfides. OdorPro-Special is also effective against a variety of nitrogen and sulfur containing compounds classically associated with waste odor.

Common Applications
Garbage Collection Area
Compactor Rooms
Marine Applications, Boats
Pet Odors and Animal Containment Areas
Loading Docks
Recycle Bins
Fitness Facilities
Laundry Rooms
Mobile Homes, Motor Homes, Campers
Sinks and Drains
Flood and Fire Odors
Chemical Odors
Dead Animal and Sunk Odors


Bacteria Count:  

>150 billion/gallon

Bacteria Type
Blend of Bacillus Spores




Clear to Tan Opaque Liquid


Mild, Clean Fragrance


2 years+ at 35° F to 95° F

pH Value

Storage and Handling
Store in cool, dry place. Avoid inhalation, wash hands after contact, and avoid eye contact.

32 Fl Oz (1 Quart )( 946 ML) -12 Bottles Per Case

128 Fl Oz (1 Gallon) 3.79L Bottles - 4 Bottles Per Case

5 Gallon (18.95L) Pails


Sophisticated chemical formulation for immediate odor elimination
Effective against a wide variety of chemical and organic odors
State-of-the-art biotechnology for degradation of organic compounds that cause odors
Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and non-caustic




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